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SkySaver is the ultimate personal rescue device for anyone who lives, works, or visits multi-story buildings & needs to safely escape a fire or other disaster. It was developed by safety & security experts, including Yaakov Nakash, former Lt General in the IDF, who served as Commander of the Technical Development Dept.

It can easily be stored in your home or office; is lightweight, self-contained, easy to use, & can carry up to 300 lbs.

In the event of an emergency, simply strap on the backpack, attach the fire-resistant cable to a secure anchor point, exit the nearest window, & the SkySaver will slowly & automatically lower you to safety.

You don’t need assistance or training to use SkySaver – it’s easy & safe. It uses a controlled descent device & an automatic braking system that allows you to descend at a safe speed of up to 2 meters/sec. The backpack contains a strong fire-resistant cable which can be attached to a secure anchor point inside the building near the window.

SkySaver Personal Descent Rescue Device 80 Ft

  • For bulk orders, please call or email for additional pricing & shipping discounts.

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