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Activation Instructions

  1. Immerse the inner pouch, containing crystals, in cold water.  

  2. Soak for the relevant time for the size wallet you have purchased: 
    - Mini/Individual/Duo/Pump: 5-8 minutes
    - Extra Small/Small: 5-10 minutes
    - Large: 5-12 minutes
    - Extra Large: 8-12 minutes 

    Note: These times are estimates. We suggest that you remove your FRIO® from the water when the gel tubes are approximately ¾ full. Follow steps 3 and 4. If, after step 4, the FRIO® needs additional soaking to be slightly pliable – not rigid, re-place it in the water for about 1 minute. Read step 3 & 4 as necessary.

  3. Gently spread the crystals evenly through the pouch. The gel formed should fill the panels but should not expand to the point where the panels become rigid. The activated pouch should remain pliable.

  4. Gently towel the pouch dry. The panels will continue to expand slightly after removing from the water.

  5. Place medication in the activated pouch and then place the activated pouch in outer Cambrelle cover.

  6. The FRIO® inner pouch should be re-immersed in water when the quantity of gel reduces and gel starts to return to its crystal form, i.e. crystals can be felt in the panels. When in continuous use, succeeding immersion periods will be shorter, i.e. 3-4 minutes, as the crystals are always in gel form. It is extremely important that the correct amount of water is absorbed during immersion because over-soaking causes the wallet to become too swollen to be used! Should this occur, the wallet must be allowed to dry naturally until it returns to a usable size. 


FRIO®s need to breathe. They work by evaporation and need to be in contact with the air. The Cambrelle (outer) cover allows this to happen enhancing the stability of the pouch's temperature. Carrying in hand luggage or in a pocket is satisfactory.

Please Note: Care should be taken when towel drying your FRIO® pouch after immersion in water, as there might be some slight color loss from the fabric of brightly-colored pouches. 

The FRIO®, with medication, can be placed in a refrigerator. DO NOT place the FRIO® in a freezer as the fabric may become damaged due to moisture in the gel causing it to stick to the freezer shelving.

Storage Instructions
When not in use, remove the inner pouch from the outer cover and allow it to completely dry out naturally until the gel returns to crystal form. To keep the crystals separate, give the pouch an occasional shake whilst drying out. When completely dry, your FRIO® should be stored in dry conditions until next required.  The drying out period can take 2-4 weeks depending on the environmental climate.

To accelerate the drying out period, various methods can be used:

  1. Place the inner pouch near a heat source such as a heat vent

  2. Hang the inner pouch on a clothes line if the weather is suitable

  3. Leave the inner pouch on a window sill in a sunny position


Cleaning Instructions:
The outer cover of the wallet can be washed in warm water using a very mild detergent.  The inner wallet can be spot cleaned by using a soft bristle brush.  Dip the brush into slightly soapy water and spot clean the wallet.  You can then rinse the wallet under running water without damaging the crystals inside.  Alternatively, you can use a non-bleach anti-bacterial cleaning spray or an anti-bacterial kitchen or baby wipe to clean your wallet.



These instructions are only a guide.  Duo to varied climatic and environmental conditions, FRIO® wallets will respond differently according to location.  If activated and used sensibly, they will continue to respond to your needs over a long period of time.  With age, the length of immersion time will increase.  However, as long as the crystals expand into a gel, the wallet will function properly.  When the crystals fail to expand, the wallet will need to be replaced. 

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