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All the guys on the team thought it was great...

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love the FRIO!  All the guys on the team thought it was great as well.  Please do share my comments!  You guys have a great product that I can't thank you enough for!" 

Ryan Reed, NASCAR Driver, Founder of "Race Against Diabetes"  

 FRIO large wallet saved my vacation...

"I just got back from vacation and wanted to let you know how the FRIO large wallet saved my vacation. We were staying in a hotel with a refrigerator, so I put the wallet with my insulin vials and pens for myself and my husband on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. We also put a bottle of water in there to cool. A fewhours later, my husband took the water bottle out and found it partially frozen. We grabbed the Frio wallet and it was frosty on the outside. Inside, my insulin was safe. It had not frozen. So thank you for an excellent product and for saving our vacation. We could have gotten replacements for our insulin but it would have been a major hassle as it was the weekend. I won't travel without my frio wallet!" 

Marsha G. - Connecticut 

FRIO was a real life saver...

"My family just went through Hurricane Katrina.  My 78 year old mother is a diabetic who uses insulin.  Fortunately, we had purchased a FRIO pouch at an earlier time.  I wanted you to know, it worked beautifully.  It kept her insulin cool and safe for over ten days until we could locate a generator to power a small refrigerator.  During this time, we had no access to ice so the FRIO was a real life saver.  Thanks for a terrific product." 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi  

Back from Madagascar

Back from Madagascar now and busily preparing apartments for the fast approaching winter. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent bags for MAD '06, our climbing expedition to Madagascar. They were very useful in getting all my insulin safely and coolly delivered to Base Camp and in fact I kept the cartridges in the Frio bags inside a cool box for most of the trip as the conditions were so hot during the day (+30c or more). 

Jerry G.

Back From Iraq: A Soldier's Story  

Staff Sergeant Mark Thompson convinced the Army that having type 1 diabetes shouldn't keep him from serving in Iraq. An exerpt from the cover story from Diabetes Forecast magazine:   

Thompson wears an insulin pump, and his main challenge would be keeping the insulin at 86°F or less, all while on the go in a place where temperatures can soar well over 100°F. He discovered reusable Frio pouches, which are made of a special material that is activated when the pouches are immersed in water. They keep contents cool for well over a day in such temperatures. ........Summer came, bringing a blast of unimaginable heat. ......Temperatures hit upwards of 130°F; even the rock candy Thompson’s mother had sent from home melted.  

The desert air, especially if there was any wind, "felt like sticking your head in the oven while cooking the Thanksgiving turkey," Thompson said.  

But Thompson was holding his own, and so were his pouches. He never even needed the refrigerator. And by February of this year, Thompson had completed his tour of duty in Iraq.

To read the complete story, click here

Brilliant Solution!  

Thanks again for sending the eye drop wallet. It's perfect for 3 eye drop bottles. Plus, there's just enough room to include a small tube of neosporin ointment which I apply afterwards.   

What I like is how using this case completely solves several issues with eye drops, including: 

  • Keeping them at a stable and cool temperature

  • Ready for any adventure - motorcycling, backpacking, evening engagements, whatever

  • Keeping all the meds in one place

  • Small and portable - easily fits into my shoulder bag.

  • Bright and easy to find - It'd be hard to lose them!

Anyway, the case is really a brilliant solution for glaucoma users ...  

Doug G. - Mill Valley, California

All previous products.....  

"All previous products have performed well in the sweltering South African sun over the past 3 months but I have just discovered to my absolute horror that I have lost my FRIO Insulin Pump Wallet.... This wallet acts as a superb protector for my pump. I have fallen off my mountain bike numerous times over the past 3 months while training on our mountain tracks and the wallet protects the pump well. I took part in an endurance mountain bike race a few weeks ago and another cyclist crashed into my back when I was forced to stop by another cyclist ahead. The wallet protected my pump perfectly - the only damage was a squashed banana in my other back pocket"   

Peter R. - Cape Town, South Africa

Antarctica Trip 3/07  

I'm very happy to report that the pouch safely protected the insulin from freezing at temperatures down to -2C. As insulin is recommended to be stored above 2C this performance was very much appreciated ! I used it for all my trips off the ship onto the ice and in and about icebergs. It also came with me when I slept overnight on the ice ! Although inside the bivouac, the pouch was actually outside my sleeping bag so did not benefit from my body warmth. The insulin was perfectly fine to use. I can heartily recommend your product to any insulin-dependent diabetic intending to holiday in cold places. Indeed my younger sister, having endured frozen insulin in Lapland earlier this year, intends to buy a pouch from you as she has developed a taste for skiing.   

Paul B.

Ankle Bands

I am writing to say how brilliant a product your ankle band is. After 12 years of a painful ankle, a relative leant me one of your ankle bands - medium - for me to try and I was amazed, it meant that I do not always have to keep a bag of frozen peas on stand by in the freezer!! It really has been a boon. In fact I keep it in a bag in my handbag at all times and then pop it into water when needed. It was really useful when on holiday abroad this year I did not need to find a freezer So, once again, thank you very much for producing such a helpful aid.   

Gail D. - Wrexham

Six month trip with a FRIO

I took 3 XL FRIOio wallets with me hoping they would help keep a 6 month supply of insulin cool. I have to tell you that they exceeded my expectations in everyway. They never let me down once; from the cold of southern N.Z. and Chile, to the heat of Singapore and OZ they never failed me. I would love to recommend these wallets to everyone I know. If you are a diabetic going traveling then these are a must. The one tip I would give would be to buy some kind of strong, robust net/mesh bag to carry the wallets in because they work best when they are provided with maximum exposure to the air.   

Mr. Smith

Majorca in June 2008

"Your products were recommended by fellow Addisonians on our self-help group discussion website so I purchased a small travel wallet for my holiday to Majorca in June. I was really impressed, keeping both my tablets and emergency injection ampules nice and cool"   

Phil - Ramsgate, UK

One of the main issues...  

"One of the main issues faced by a diabetic at extreme elevations is the temperature ranges encountered, and the potential for insulin to denature if it gets too hot or too cold. In the past, we have tried combinations of creative packing, placement, and a little luck to let the insulin survive. In summary, my experience with FRIO Cooling products has been exceptional, seemed to protect the insulin from freezing, it was snowing and there were 70 mile per hour winds, my FRIO wallet forgot to find its way back into my sleeping back one night, I woke up and my insulin was fine just as cool (or warm) as it had been for the whole trip. The product itself delivers on its promises, and will become a standard piece of equipment in my gear bag. In fact, I have begun using it in less extreme environments (I plan to use it this summer). I would personally recommend the FRIO cooling wallets to any diabetic who needs to take their insulin with them"   

Extract from IDEA 2000 Review of FRIO® Cooling Wallet Performance during the Expedition to Cerro Aconcagua (22800 feet High) Todd Clare, President, IDEA 2000

"I can't imagine why every diabetic doesn't have their own..."  

" I have had my Frio for several years and can't imagine why every diabetic doesn't have their own. Recently I took a trip into a fairly remote area of Mexico and relied on my Frio to get me through. I admit to some initial reservations. It was very hot where I was. Each morning I took my Frio pouch to the bar/dining area. The first morning it was a little tricky explaining what I wanted in my weak Spanish, but once the attendant understood I needed my pouch to be cooled in water, it was no problem. I came to breakfast. He soaked the pouch in the ice and water in his drink cooler, and I was a happy woman. The insulin stayed effective for the time I was there, and my blood glucose was perfect. The trip was something I will never forget. If I'd had to rely on freezer packs, I could not have done this. And, I won't hesitate to go on future adventures because I know my Frio will get me through with no worries. By the way, I take every chance I get to let other diabetics know what a great product this is."  

Peggy R.

Follow on from above...

"Follow on from above. I am already a great personal advertiser for the product. As I may have told you, I am a nurse in the obstetric department in a small hospital with a large Mexican farm worker population. I make sure all the physicians are aware of FRIO®, even the pediatricians who are now dealing with more and more children who must be on insulin. When my mother was carrying around all her non-disposal syringes, test tapes and insulin when we traveled so many years ago, often in hot places. I cannot image how it all worked. The FRIO® make mine a very different life."   

Mary G.

I had to write...  

"I had to write to tell you just how delighted I was with my FRIO® cool packs. I have just returned from a fly-drive holiday in California and Arizona and had no trouble with my insulin. Thanks to your fantastic product I was able to visit places such as Death Valley (120 °F) and the Joshua Tree National Park (90°+). Thanks!!"   

Mrs. J Birch - Sussex, UK

What an amazing product!  

I just had to share my excitement at finding and using a Frio insulin cooler! I ordered one to take on a recent trip to Europe. Traveling with friends, we saw parts of Switzerland, Germany, and Italy...all by train or bus on a flexible schedule. Having traveled some before, I'd always been dependent on a heavy thermos type container and ice to keep my insulin cool. No more!!! My Frio worked beautifully the entire time; I was thrilled at the freedom it gave me! I just ordered my brother one for his many fishing adventures, and I'm sure he'll love it as much as I do. What an amazing product!   

Paula R. - Kerrville, Texas

Purchased 2 large FRIO® cooling pouches...  

"Purchased 2 large FRIO® cooling pouches for my son and husband to keep their respective diabetic Insulin items cool whilst we went a family skiing trip in late February 06, both of them found the bags extremely useful, no more jamming their insulin in with an ice block inside a cool bag or forgetting to retrieve spare insulin from the holiday fridge for the return journey home or worse still- cartridges rolling out of the fridge, dropping and smashing on a tiled floor of the kitchen in the holiday apartment- all previously experienced"  

E. N of Surrey

I have just used...

"I have just used one of your FRIO® bags; which Treliske Diabetic Dep. lent us, on a 6 weeks holiday to Australia. It was worth its weight in gold. My husband uses Lantus and Novo Rapit pens and it was invaluable. Is it possible for me to purchase one of the bags to keep for our own use?"   

Mrs. Lewis - UK

Absolutely delighted...

"Absolutely delighted with my FRIO® cooling wallet, traveled through Egypt for 3 weeks without having to use the hotel fridges!"   

Mrs. C. - London UK

The bags were essential...

"The bags were essential for me to keep my insulin cool during the lowland trek when temperatures were very high. I also found that they provided sufficient insulation to prevent insulin from freezing at high altitude (during the Everest Marathon).   

Dawn Kenwright,
First Lady, Everest Marathon '99

I wish to inform you...

"I wish to inform you that I used two extra large FRIO® packs during a five month trip to Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and India. I did have doubts that...insulin would survive this time span in the heat. I need not have worried."   

Ms. A. Thorne - Lancs., UK Tunisia...  

" Tunisia our room had neither 'fridge' nor air conditioning, so we were relying on the FRIO® wallet...but it was to endure an even stronger test, a 2 day safari in the Sahara! With temperatures up to 150°F the wallet more than proved itself"   

Mr. G. Rees - Birmingham, UK

We went to an outside...  

"We went to an outside show for 3 days. The temperature was 90°F plus all weekend. The insulin was still cool when we arrived home after a 4 hour drive. If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to lend a hand"   

Carolyn Dennis - North Carolina

I used a FRIO® pack in Pakistan...  

"I used a FRIO® pack in Pakistan for a month at temperatures of 45°C and quickly realized that I no longer needed to worry that my insulin would be ruined by hot weather"  

David Thomasson, Film Director, Tyne Tees Television

I was so delighted...

"I was so delighted with the results of your products. I would just like to thank you and congratulate you on the effectiveness of your packs. We traveled around 3,000 miles including parts of the Arizona Desert, Grand Canyon, etc. and I had no problems at all."   

Ms. M. - N. Ireland

After I heard my 'sentence'...  

"After I heard my 'sentence' - diabetes mellitus - I was determined about one thing: I would not stay at home pining. So I had to travel with a heavy thermos flask containing some ice and my insulin. It did work, but it was not easy and certainly not discrete. Neither was ice to be found in all places, nor did the flask prove indestructible. But I was not complaining! Then I discovered FRIO® What a miracle! Now my insulin is only a small package in my hand luggage. Together we have traveled many miles in Asia - as tourists through the Sunda Islands and Sulawesi, for a TV documentary to the Philippines, for my book "Atjeh,Atjeh!" to Sumatra and last summer to a hot China. Conditions were often primitive, but there was always a washbasin or a bucket from which my FRIO®wallet could absorb some water to keep my insulin at a safe temperature for days. What a travel companion! In order to preserve our friendship for posterity we had a picture taken at one of the world's wonders: the Great Wall of China. Although the temperature was 32 °C, as always this did not effect my insulin"   

Jelte Rep, producer & author - Holland

I like the light...  

"I like the light weight of it, the ease in cooling and the way it seems to be holding up to an 80°F day here in the States"   

K. Wheelock - UT

I found it very effective...  

"I found it very effective on holiday recently, and I was surprised at how long one 'charge' of it lasted, your claim that it will last five days under reasonable conditions is absolutely true - even longer in fact."   

Mr. M. Coker - Marlborough, UK

It's certainly a great invention...  

"It's certainly a great invention and one I could have done with a couple of years ago!... only water required, much lighter, and the correct temperature... I'd like to compliment you and order another one..."   

Mr. C., Germany more bulky ice packs...  

" more bulky ice packs and the hassle of finding freezers to refreeze... so easy to reactivate..."   

Mrs. M. 

...have been very pleased with it...

"...have been very pleased with it in temperatures of 90 °F. Thank you so much for the research you are doing. This FRIO® Wallet is a wonderful help "  

Ms. R.

It was TERRIFIC... 

"I bought the extra small FRIO and the Individual one as well.  The lady on the phone was nice and answered all my questions.  I was a little leery of taking the Extra Small  with two vials of insulin to Las Vegas without trying it out first to make sure it would work in 100+ temps.  Well, after I arrived by plane, I waited in the heat for over an hour for a shuttle that never came.  I was quite worried about whether the Extra Small FRIO had don as promised.  It was TERRIFIC.  This is saving me a bundle as I usually had to throw out leftover insulin because I couldn't refreeze the freezer pack in a hotel fridge.  Your product is amazing and I am going to recommend it to all my friends who use meds that need to be kept cool."   

Roberta M. - California


...wonderful experience...  

"I just want to say what a wonderful experience I had today when calling with a question. First it was a pleasure & surprise to get a person to answer the phone. The woman listened to my question, went into the warehouse to find the right sized wallet for my needs & then went back & took my order. In this day of recordings on the phone & indifference by businesses, this was the best experience I’ve had. Thanks again for the help, looking forward to trying your product. Kudos to your company & the way you conduct business."  

Janet B. - Chicago, IL

...won't leave home with them!

"My wife and I just returned from a month-long motorcycle journey across the country.  Neither of us are diabetics, but we're both in our sixties, and take our share of daily meds.  Our trip started out across the southwest, and we knew we would encounter high temperatures, and needed something to keep our meds cool.  Last time we rode in really hot weather, we attempted to keep things cool in a plastic bag with a small freezer pack.  It worked OK, but when we weren't able to refreeze it, I substituted ice cubes in what I thought was a water tight bag.  Long story short, our meds got very mushy and almost impossible to swallow.  Ughhh!  Anyway, I discovered FRIO and we gave them a try.  What a great product!  Our meds stayed cool and dry, and I needed to "recharge" the cases only twice.  They took up so little room.  It made carrying them on our motorcycle very easy.  You might imagine how little space is available on a motorcycle when taking such a long trip in such varied climates.   

I can't say enough about how well the FRIO cases served our needs.  They're now like our American express cards - we won't leave home without them!"  

Jeff A.

Your product is amazing!

"Your product is amazing!!  This will be great when we go to the beach! What a life saver! We usually just take our two sets of two pens to the pool by putting them in a insulated lunch bag with a baby's teething ring to keep them cool. Not anymore!! Thanks to my friend Becky R for mentioning your product to me...we have now a great product to share with the food allergy groups around the state (WI).

Thanks again,

Diane W.

...we used the FRIO Pump, and there were no issues.  

"First, let me say that it worked great! Last year, he went to Scout camp in 100 degree temperature and each day his glucose rose uncontrollably until we realized that the weather was slowly cooking the insulin in his pump each day and the insulin was losing its potency. We were determined to not have that happen again. This year, we used the FRIOo Pump Wallet and there were no issues - the pump and its insulin stayed in the mid to low 70s temperature range all week despite some upper 80s and low 90s temperatures.  Leaving the pump in the FRIO case in the sun while at swimming was also not a concern compared to last year when we needed to keep a small ice cooler handy.  First Class Scout Ben was able to minimize the impact of his insulin routine while in the wild and enjoy himself just like the other boys. Thanks for a great product. "   

Ben's Dad

Your product is fantastic.

"We were hiking at Long Hunter state park in Nashville TN, which is located on Percy Priest Lake. My son could have hiked through the night , had I not talked him into making camp. Your product is fantastic. Thank you again and have a wonderful day."  

Hiker from Nashville, TN

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