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This unique kit is 100% waterproof in this heavy duty, see through container. 

Kit Includes:
Waterproof Container - It Floats!
1 Mayday 400 Calorie Food Ration - 5 Year Shelf Life
1 High Quality AM / FM Radio with Batteries
1 Box of 45 Waterproof Matches
1 Mayday - Waterproof - 12 Hour Green Lightstick
1 Adult Waterproof Poncho
1 Super Bright 21 LED Flashlight with Batteries and Carry Case
1 Metal Whistle w/ Lanyard. Whistle can be used as a lanyard for the Dry Pac
1 14 N 1 Pocket Tool 1 N95 Flat Fold Dust Mask

Waterproof Emergency Unit

  • For orders of 12+ kits, please call or email for additional pricing & shipping discounts.

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